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In January of 2015, Evan Bettag and Andy Marty combined their extensive legal experience to establish a new law firm. With a deep understanding of civil and criminal trials, Evan and Andy formed Marty & Bettag, LLC. Evan, a native of St. Charles County, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm.

Evan Bettag embarked on his legal career after completing his undergraduate degree at St. Louis University. He then pursued his Juris Doctor degree at St. Louis University School of Law. Following his graduation, Evan gained valuable experience practicing law in Washington, D.C. for two years. During this time, he worked diligently to ensure large corporations complied with government regulations and investigations.

Returning to his hometown of St. Charles County, Evan established his own law practice. He specializes in representing individuals who have been injured at work, involved in car accidents, or suffered slip and falls on commercial property. Evan’s comprehensive understanding of the legal systems in both Missouri and Illinois has allowed him to effectively advocate for his clients’ rights.

Outside of his legal pursuits, Evan and his daughter are avid supporters of the SLU Billiken men’s and women’s basketball teams. They enjoy attending games and cheering on their favorite teams.

Andy began his legal career in 1987 as a research attorney at the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, for Judge William H. Crandall, Jr. In that position, Andy learned the details of appellate procedure and finer points of legal writing and analysis. After a short stint defending corporations in personal injury lawsuits, Andy changed his law practice to represent people critically injured against employers, corporations, and insurance companies.

Andy represents people injured at work, in car crashes and due to slips and falls on commercial property. Over the years, Andy has successfully recovered money through settlement or trial, in civil courts, and the Division of Workers’ Compensation, in both Missouri and Illinois, for lost wages, medical expenses, wrongful death, and permanent disability.

Shortly after Marty & Bettag, LLC was formed, Attorney Evan Bettag joined the firm. Evan graduated from St. Louis University School of Law in 2008. After graduating, Evan practiced law in Washington, D.C., assisting a large corporation to comply with government regulations before returning home to St. Charles County. At Marty & Bettag, Evan represents clients who are injured to receive just compensation for harms and losses in both Missouri and Illinois.

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